Join Rev. Nhien and our Evolving Enneagram community for a weekend of contemplation & celebration

 You're invited to join us for a 2-day immersion into diverse meditative practices that include walking meditation, centering prayer, welcoming practice, 3-centers meditation, sacred chanting, movement, and Enneagram reflection using a walkable Enneagram, and more!

In this space of compassionate, contemplative, and interspiritual Enneagram-literate community, you'll be encouraged to explore meditative practices only to the extent you feel comfortable doing so.

Too often, we come to meditation practice with the notion that there is something to gain or to fix. We encourage you to join us in this meditative gathering as a space to be present to and celebrate the gifts of the HERE and NOW.

FACILITATORS: This event is hosted and facilitated by Evolving Enneagram Founder Nhien Vuong with the tremendous support of Guest Artists & Facilitators, including Kimberli Hansen, Victor James Dougherty, and Clark Jamison. (See Bios below.)

LOCATION: This event will take place at King Conference Center, at the Nazarene Theological Seminary, 6404 Woodland Avenue, Kansas City, MO 64131. (We are not affiliated.) For those who wish to stay the night, there are comfy rooms conveniently located just upstairs from our conference room area, plus one room on the main floor for anyone with accessibility issues. We recommend staying on site, for those coming from out of town or those of you who simply want to savor the experience of a retreat weekend away from home. Book accommodations directly with King Conference Rooms here. First come, first served!

FOOD OPTIONS: There is a small kitchen with full-sized fridge that we'll have access to in case you want to bring your own meals each day. You can bring your own and/or visit nearby restaurants during your meal breaks or elect a 2-day Food Pass (see below). Nhien has secured Panera to cater meals for Food Pass participants. Meals together will include Saturday lunch and dinner, plus Sunday breakfast and lunch. Coffee & tea service plus light snacks will be free to all registrants regardless of whether you elect the Food Pass.

REGISTRATION FEE WAIVED: In honor of Evolving Enneagram's birthday 9/9 and Rev Nhien's birthday 9/29, Rev Nhien is donating her time to lead this 2-day event as her gift to the community and she is covering venue and musician/presenter costs. Pandemic times have been challenging for many. Our intention is to make this  community gathering accessible to all who seek to attend, regardless of financial means.  

SEATING: Seating is limited; therefore, while registration is free, we will prioritize applicants as follows: As a thank you to Evolving Enneagram's Founders Circle, we have pre-reserved spots for you! Just register by August 30. After that, we'll open your saved spot to the public!

WHAT TO BRING: We recommend you bring a journal and writing instrument. There are conference-room style cushioned chairs but you're also welcome to bring your own yoga mats and meditation cushions, along with water bottles (be sure to label yours).

Excitedly Yours,
Email: [email protected]

Apply to Register Here

IMPORTANT: This is an application to register. Within 72 hours of your application, we'll let you know if your space in the retreat has been confirmed or whether you've been placed on our Wait List. If you've been confirmed, you'll receive an email with link to pay for your $75 Food Pass (only if you elected one). Hope to see you in person in October!

Nhien Vuong, J.D., M.Div.

Nhien Vuong (pictured right of image) is an accredited Enneagram Professional and the Founder of Evolving Enneagram.  Nhien partners with leaders and organizations around the globe to design Enneagram-informed solutions to meet the world’s most complex challenges. With a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from the University of California Irvine, a Juris Doctor from Stanford Law School, and a Masters of Divinity from Unity Institute & Seminary, Nhien takes a soulful approach, catalyzing creativity and change by bringing Enneagram fluency to cultural transformation.

An internationally-recognized speaker and conscious community builder, Nhien has regularly presented at the International Enneagram Association (IEA) Global & Regional Conferences and the Enneagram Global Summit hosted online by The Shift Network. Committed to the greater good, Nhien offers scholarships for her public programs and routinely volunteers to teach the Enneagram to non-profits, the incarcerated, and 12-step recovery groups.

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Victor James Dougherty

A co-founder of The Pathless Land Center for Meditation and Mindfulness, Victor (pictured top left of image) has been engaged in meditative practices for over 20 years and has participated in numerous retreats. Currently the Director of The Temple Buddhist Center, Victor also serves on the board of Mid America Dharma, Greater Kansas City Interfaith Council and several other organizations. For years, Victor and Clark Jamison have facilitated kirtans together, in the spirit of Oneness.

Learn more about Temple Buddhist Center

Kimberli Hansen

Kimberli Hansen (pictured in bottom left of image) is a music teacher and hobbyist musician who approaches life intentionally with the purpose of connecting herself and others to their creative and healing gifts. While she makes a living cultivating the musicality of young children, she also dreams of someday coaching teens and adults seeking a holistic approach to cultivating their musicality and artistry. She writes and performs electric violin under the artist name StringTheory, and her work currently explores the themes of cosmic wonder and personal transformation. 

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Clark Jamison

Clark Jamison (pictured in the middle) is a percussionist who plays, records and teaches the hand drums of India, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. He currently performs with Heartsong Kirtan, Jai Spirit, Lana Marie & the Sonic Mystics, "Fortnight" and "Ras Mandala". He has studied tabla with Swapan Chaudhuri at the Ali Akbar College of Music in San Rafael, California, and has accompanied nationally-known kirtan artists Dave Stringer, Saul David Raye, Karnamrita Dasi, Yvette Om, and Daphne Tse, as well as Swami Shantamrita of the Amritanandamayi Order and Brother Devananda of the Self-Realization Fellowship Order. His playing can be heard internationally, on recordings by Brazilian artist Tomaz Lima and South Korean "Harpist K", as well as with local artists such as The New Amsterdams, Kirk Rundstrom, Darrell Lea, and more. Clark is also a two-time winner of the Kansas State Fiddling and Picking Championship's Miscellaneous Acoustic Instrument Contest.

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